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No Experts Needed - Book Review

No Experts Needed is a refreshing collection of true stories of inspiration and introspection.
Author Louise Lewis, faced with being "set free" from corporate America and yet still having bills to pay, set forth on a magnificent personal journey of self-reflection.
Searching for herself, a spiritual unfolding occurred as she searched for that ever elusive, "what is the meaning of life?" Following a particularly poignant epiphany in the San Jose airport, Lewis decided to follow her "Spirit's" advice and get done with the pity party, dust herself off, and pick up a pen.
What follows is her discovery of everyday people whose experiences and insights to life's meaning pull her to a new chapter in her own life.
Inspired by an episode of Oprah, this debut novel is organized around a series of vignettes and personal anecdotes of Lewis' family, friends, and others she meets as she seeks healing and an affirmation of her own spirit.
To each person encountered, Lewis poses the same simple question, "What is the meaning of life?" and is rewarded with beautiful prose delivered straight from their soul.
While sometimes folksy in delivery, the message is never repetitive or boring.
No Experts Needed warmly develops the story of each person as a lead-in to their uniquely individual interpretation of the meaning of life.
It is apparent throughout the book that Lewis is inspired by the normal everyday people she interviews; however, all evidence of bias is removed by her provocative but spontaneous writing style.
Never preachy or sermonizing, the book fosters the reader in their own exploration of Spirit as they seek their individual interpretation of life.
Lewis presents an original yet inspirational text that explores her journey to overcome fear and self-doubt.
Encouraging, graceful, and inspirational in its message, No Experts Needed provides simple insights that allow the reader to make their own judgments and generalizations as they examine their unique perspective of life's meaning.

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