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How to Avoid Competition With Reticulated Pythons

    • 1). Ensure the enclosure housing the snakes is large enough that the snakes don't compete for space. Because reticulated pythons grow to be so large, an enclosure to fit two or more reticulated pythons should be at least 12 by 6 by 6 feet in size.

    • 2). Create at least two hot spots for your snakes so there is no competition for warmth. In such a large cage, two hot spots will not cause overheating and this can be achieved by using large heating pads or heat lamps.

    • 3). Feed the snakes separately. For example, do not place food in the enclosure with two snakes as they may strike and hit each other, causing injury. Remove one snake from the enclosure, feed the snake in a separate bin and place it back in the enclosure. Repeat with the other reticulated python. This can be quite dangerous when considering the size of the snakes, so you should have at least one other able-bodied person to help you. This will prevent competition for food.

    • 4). Consider housing the snakes separately for their safety and your own. It is the only surefire way to prevent competition with reticulated pythons.

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