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Haven't you always wanted to go into an RV store and buy anything you want?I specially wanted some of those nifty little gadgets that are supposed to make our RV lifestyle easier and more comfortable.
Safety is a high priority for most people so I decided to start with items that would keep you safe from harm or injury.
Safety Handrails: These can be mounted on the outside of your unit next to the entrance door and used to give support as a person enters or leaves the RV.
They will fold up against the outside of the RV and not be a problem when traveling.
Slide out corner guards.
I think almost everyone at one time or another has banged their head on the edge of a slide out when they are attempting to get something from underneath their coach.
Corner guards provide a softer edge and are really inexpensive.
Tethers: These can hold your appliances (TV) or accessories in place while traveling preventing damage to your appliance and the RV.
Alarms: Security alarms that will tell you if someone is trying to enter your RV are available in all price ranges.
There are inexpensive portable wedge alarms that fit under or against the bottom of a door and can be adjusted to fit a window.
They emit a loud piercing alarm that should wake up anyone inside the RV.
Also available are magnetic break entry alarms and vibration and glass breakage alarms that are loud enough to scare most burglars from trying to enter your RV or home.
They are battery operated and simple to use.
Alert alarms that tell you if there is a problem with carbon monoxide, propane leakage, and smoke should always be mounted in your RV.
There are many different types and various methods of mounting them in the unit so do your research before purchasing them.
Fire extinguisher: Not only should you have a minimum of one fire extinguisher in your RV make sure it is current and usable.
No one wants to reach for an extinguisher that no longer works.
Heaters: Catalytic Safety Heaters.
These portable heating units can be used inside an RV and have no flame to be concerned about.
Parking and Towing: Warning Triangles.
For that very rare time when you have to alert other drivers so they will see you.
Make sure they reflect for both day and night time usage.
Wheel Chock.
Block your tires so your unit will not move when parked.
Most are plastic and can be used for most tire sizes.
Safety Cables.
Make sure the cables can handle large weights and can be used for towing.
They are handy to have in an emergency.
The above items are just a few of the many items available to help keep you safe while traveling in your RV.

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