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Retro Formal Hairstyles

    • If you are attending a formal occasion, assume a hairstyle from another era. There is a wealth of great looking retro hairstyles to choose from. From the 1920s to the 1960s, elegant formal hairstyles to suit every face can be easily found and adapted for contemporary wear.

    The Beehive

    • Venture back to the 1960s when big hair was quite fashionable. Think about styling your hair in a beehive. The beehive was considered quite the coveted hairstyle forty years ago. Many young women arrived at the prom with their hair teased and piled up on their head. Amy Winehouse, the singer, has made the retro beehive her signature hairstyle. This hair style is called a beehive because it looks like one. It has also been said to look very similar to the nose of the B-52 Stratofortress bomber. The style requires teasing and lacquering and, to this day, is synonymous with the 1960s.

    Marcel Wave

    • If you want to channel the 1920s, go with the Marcel Wave. This hair-waving process was named after Francois Marcel Grateau, a Frenchman, who invented the process. The waves are created by using heated curling irons and result in a deep wave that is natural looking. The hair does not end up curly. Marcel waved hair was parted on one side and was generally chin length or even shorter. During the 1920s, women bobbed (cut) their hair for the first time, which was considered very racy. The flappers---women who went to illegal speakeasies and danced the Charleston---often had Marcel waves.

    Gibson Girl

    • The Gibson Girl hair style is quite elegant. It is reminiscent of the romantic Edwardian age. This hairstyle derived its name from illustrator Charles Gibson, who drew pictures of the women in the late 1880s and early 1900s, who wore their hair piled on top of their heads. To achieve the look, the hair must have body and height and has to be relatively long. The hair is swept up into a mass of curls. It is a very full hair style. This updo is a quite romantic look and is ideal for a very special occasion, such as the prom or a wedding.

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