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How to Boost Your Weight Loss Quest

Burn the fat! You cannot lose it.
There are many methods people use or recommend to lose weight in order to return the body mass into normal limits.
The issue with the problems with many solutions is that none of them gives maximum of satisfaction; some might not work at all.
Physically speaking one cannot lose weight, once the weight is already in the body you own it.
It cannot be extracted from your body (except for liposuction - but this is an undesirable surgical way).
If you want to get rid of excessive weight you need to either reduce the intake bellow the energetic consumption so force the organism to burn the fat deposits, or increase energy consumption over the energetic value of the intake, with the same intention.
One thing must be clear: once the fat is deposited in your body you cannot "lose" it, you have to burn it, and this takes a lot of physical and mental effort.
In few words it is difficult to stick with a program of weight loss with so many culinary temptations around.
It takes a tremendous amount of will power, discipline and determination to go through this quest and most people fail, as I did, so many times.
Usually a failure means not only returning to the same body weight, but gaining more fat as a consequence of mental and emotional reaction to disappointment.
What is the way out? Don't do it alone, get companions and support, mainly emotional support.
There is a new trend in weight loss business that comes to fill the need of this type of support.
It is called Weight Loss Competition and works wonders.
It is based on team work, emotional support, competition spirit, and enhanced nutrition knowledge.
The emotional support is always credited for a major contribution in all human actions, mainly when habit changes are required.
Here is how it works An organizer, usually a nutrition expert, brings together several people who want to lose weight in a bidding competition, coaches the participants how to set up their minds to stick with a certain nutrition plan, teaches them the principles of healthy nutrition, performs the measurements, keeps the morale up and takes care of other administrative tasks.
The challenge usually takes six to twelve weeks with weekly meetings.
All participants contribute to a prize fund with a certain amount of money.
At each meeting, the participants are measured and reassessed, new nutritional information is delivered and personal willingness to succeed is reinforced.
And all of this is done in a very pleasant, funny social way.
Most of them will become friends.
At the end of the quest the winners are revealed and rewarded, and everybody celebrates.
Who are the winners? The winners are the biggest losers, the persons who lost most pounds and/or most inches.
Even the people who did not win the competition are winning healthier habits and stronger motivation to go on with their quest for a new lifestyle.
So, everyone is a winner.
We, actually, interviewed people who did not get the prize about how do they feel, and in most cases we got this kind of answer: "You know what? Even I did not win the competition and I lost the bid money, I actually saved a lot of money, because in these six weeks I thought twice before buying the food that made me overweight.
So, actually, I have saved money, I lost weight, improved my health, so I am a winner.
" With the advantage of using internet, email and telephone conferencing plans, these type of weight loss competitions have more and more moved into the virtual space with same efficacy.
If you want to share your personal crusade of losing weight with others, please feel free to participate to our OverThePhone Weight Loss Challenge.

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