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Diet Solution: A Program That Works

How great would you feel if every day you felt healthy and energetic? How great would you feel to have a clear mind and positive attitude? Can you see yourself in a new body with a new mindset? I hope you can! You are probably here because you are looking for the solution to a weight loss problem.
You may have even tried many times in the past to lose weight or get fit...
So, let me assure you that what I am going to share with you has literally transformed my body and mind and has allowed me to become the best version of myself.
The program is called "The Diet Solution".
This unassuming little product has the information for you to learn how to get yourself into a healthy eating lifestyle.
The Diet Solution Program is a natural and holistic approach to a healthy ideal weight.
Did you know the human body was never deigned to be fat? Since the introduction of new farming practices and different technologies in processing food, humans have become overweight and obese.
Yes my friends, the deck has been stacked against you.
Your local grocery store is like a food mine field.
How many times have you walked the aisles and seen food in its raw and best form? Usually, the produce section is the smallest part of the grocery store! That tells us that most of the rest is processed right? And, these processed foods contain amounts of sugar and starchy carbohydrates.
This has lead to some major health problems, especially in North America.
Some statistics are showing that nearly 60% of the population in the United States are overweight.
This is very concerning because with that comes disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure and several other chronic conditions.
The Diet Solution works.
The reason it works is the reason anything like this works; by the action that is taken.
What is knowledge if it is never put into action? I have found great success with the Diet Solution because I have taken action on the information I have accepted the principles of the diet Solution Program and used the information as a vehicle to change my lifestyle and change my thinking.
This is a program that will teach you the knowledge and give you the tools you need to create a healthy lifestyle of eating for life! Forget doing a cleanse or an extreme diet that will only leave you hungry and miserable.
The Diet Solution is not a diet: it is the solution to every diet.
I stumbled across this program when browsing the internet one day.
My initial reaction to the program was that it was some marketing scam that probably was not worth my time.
I then decided to be open and read a bit further to get more information.
As I read on I realized that there was a lot of very specific and helpful information on metabolism, foods, and how not to count calories! It has been over a year now since I started using the principles of the Diet Solution Program and I feel great! I have lost weight I have so much energy and I have created the lifestyle I have always wanted healthy, fit and happy! If you are like me, you can relate to not having success with any program you have tried! I had been struggling with my weight since I can remember...
Let me explain.
I grew up in an Italian household with an abundance of food surrounding me.
My mom owned and operated an Italian Restaurant for 30 years and I grew up eating a diet consisting of bread, pasta, and pizza in large portions! I was always active and athletic growing up playing all sports and thank god for that because I can't imagine how big I would have been if it wasn't for being active.
Anyway, I was still not where I wanted to be.
I was overweight and just did not feel good about myself.
But, After consistently following the principles of the Diet solution Program I have lost nearly 40 pounds! I never thought it was possible! Yet, my mindset is different now...
I know that my eating habits now support my healthier body and I have The Diet Solution to thank for that.
The Diet solution program is the result of years of research by Isabel De los Rios.
The author has laid out the program in a very simple way and teaches you exactly what is suitable for your body type and what should be avoided.
Here are 3 steps of the program that will help summarize the program for your overview: 1.
Determine your metabolic type (Very easy using this program) After completing a Metabolic Typing Test you will determine your metabolic type - Protein Type, Carb Type, or Mixed type.
Everyone has a unique body type and metabolic rate therefore any one diet cannot have the same effect.
Determine your daily calorie requirements (You will not count calories though) There is a simple formula you will follow to figure out what your daily calorie requirement is.
This number is used to determine the correct number of servings of each food type for each meal.
You will not have to count calories instead follow a chart that is broken down for you already into servings.
Plan your meals (This is the key) The author has created Food Choices Charts one for each metabolic type with the Protein Choices and the Carbohydrate Choices.
These charts are my favorite because it really makes it so easy to plan meals.
It is really important to educate yourself on making good choices...
And, in the second part of this e-book the author shares some startling facts on topics such as Dairy, Soy, Grains, Salt, Water, Sweeteners, Sugar and Alcohol.
One fact that is shared in regards to the consumption of sugar is shocking! It is said that for every American who eats only 5 pounds of sugar each year, another eats 295 pounds.
This statistic is hard to deny because 60% of the U.
population is now overweight or obese.
I would like to share this program and share my journey with the world! In hopes of inspiring others to take action and take control of their lives to make a positive change to be more healthy fit and positive! I am a believer because I have achieved the results using The Diet Solution!

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