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Learn This For the Ultimate Experience - Stimulating the Clitoris

This part of a woman's anatomy has no other function apart from incrementing sexual pleasure.
In fact, it is important to remember that the clitoris is a nerve ending that stimulates over eight thousand nerves in the woman's body.
Tingling so many nerves simultaneously can be an amazing put on as well as the purest form of bliss.
Knowing the clitoris well, thus is the secret to a great sexual session and stimulating it properly could result in the most explosive of orgasms ever.
The clitoris is located outside the vagina and about an inch higher up.
It is a oval or a round button and it should not be touched when dry.
Make sure you have a little foreplay and use the other erotically sensual organs to get her moist down under.
Once she is in the mood, the clitoris will automatically get wet and is ready for action.
Getting to the basics, the best way to stimulate a clitoris is to massage it in circular motions.
In fact, every woman has a different preference and trying other ways can help you find out what your woman prefers.
Make sure that she doesn't feel pain in any manner whatsoever, but always begin with circular motions, clockwise and counter-clockwise.
The next level is to use your tongue on her clitoris if both of you are comfortable with it.
In fact using the tongue can be more stimulating than fingers and but if she is not psychologically prepared, it could be disaster.
Bring her to orgasm with clitorial stimulation before you get into the actual act.
This would be more pleasurable for the woman.

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