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The Truth of Genesis: Another Appeal To Atheists and Muslims - 1B

Over 244 million years ago, Yehovah created the first known birds, other flying creatures, and the dinosaurs of the sea, which Moses called "sea monsters".  This was on the fifth day of Restoration Week one, after the Great Extinction of 245 Million BC.  The next day, God made the land dinosaurs, and the second era of mankind, which Moses did not see.  This era would last for about 180 million years, until the death of the dinosaurs, in 65 Million BC.    

There were 21 crashes upon Jupiter, by the fragmented comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, starting the late evening of July 16 1994, at about 11:16 PM Jerusalem time.  This corresponded to  the ninth day of the fifth biblical month (Av).   In that month, both the first and the second temples were destroyed, and it is also the day that Aaron died.  

August 6, 2014, came and went, without a global notable incident.  Now, the twenty-one impacts (instead of twenty) point to Israel instead of just the United States.  I am guessing that either the "go ahead" or the beginning of construction of the third temple will occur about July 26, 2015 in Jerusalem.  Since there was no global fallout this past August 6th, the seven year period will begin next July, 2015.  Be mindful that I'm just guessing.   

While there is yet time, as I did in my last article to atheists, I wish to reach out to Muslims to try to help save some of their souls.  Catholicism gave birth to Islam, to be used as a tool to destroy Oneness Christians and Jews.  Muslims are kept from knowing the real doctrine of the inner circle of Islam, just as Catholics are kept from the inner occult worship of Lucifer.  The Muslim doctrine of monotheism at worst is false, and at best is illogical.  Yes, there is only one God (Yeshua), but Muslims are tricked into acknowledging more than one.  

The deity which Islam calls "Allah" was one of the 300+ pagan gods which Arabians used to worship as the Moon god. Mohammed took this idol and proclaimed it to be the god of Islam, thus creating a secondhand deity to be worshiped instead of our Creator, the God of Israel.  

Therefore, on one hand, Muslims have been tricked into thinking that Yehovah has broken His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and has embraced the Arabs.  On the other hand, Islam teaches that "Allah (Lucifer) is greater" than Yehovah, signifying the existence of a second deity.  That is clear evidence of a dual false doctrine.  

The trinity is something that Catholicism invented, and is not correct.  Yehovah is one entity, who became His own Son, in order to become an earthling and shed His human blood to take the place of Israel's animal sacrifices.  Ten days after returning back to Heaven, Yehovah sent His Holy Ghost (a spirit that had a human death) to fulfill the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost).   

Water baptism must be in the name of Jesus (Yeshua) in order to obtain remission of sins, and not the invalid trinitarian formula of "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost", which has no power.  Even Trinitarians know that such titles can't heal the sick, or cast out demons, but are blind to the fact that it can't wash sins away.  The name of Jesus is the cleansing agent, when immersed in water.  The Islam practice of marching around the Black Rock in Mecca is false pagan doctrine, and also does not cleanse anyone from their sins.   

Therefore, the Muslims, Freemasons, the inner circle of Catholicism, Jesuits, and Illuminati are all serving and /or following the same evil entity, which is Satan.  That is why the Quran allows for its followers to tell lies to, and to kill, others outside of their faith.  Satan is the father of lies, and is like a lion out to steal, kill, and destroy.  There is no Deity other than Yehovah, who morphed Himself into Yeshua, in order to bring salvation for mankind from sin and from Satan.  

From 1598 BC, to about 100 AD, which is a span of 1700 years, the one true God spoke to and interacted with over forty men, which wrote the Bible.  With Islam, you have one man, making false claims and unprovable claims, writing a book in which the deity never interacts, never delivers, and doesn't even exist.  It is so inane to throw away one's soul on such a fallacy.  At least have the good sense to do enough research before committing to such a belief system.  Be mindful that only Satan would force people to accept a (false) religion.  

To be a Muslim, you have to deny reality, and reject the one true God, whom Israel introduced to the world.  That is why Satan, and his followers, hate the Jews.  But be mindful that God came to Earth, in order to become a Jew, which would save the world from sin and death.  Instead of embracing an evil man-made religion, adhere to the truth of Bible, and obtain the salvation that Yeshua made available to mankind.  Otherwise, as a Muslim, you will die in your sins, and are subject to be cast forever into the Lake of Fire, with Satan (your "Allah").   

Herman Cummings

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