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Marine Corps Aviation Requirements


    • The Marine Corps website outlines the educational requirements for potential pilots. Only U.S. citizens between the ages of 18 and 28, with an SAT score higher than 1,000 or ACT score above 22 can apply to flight school. The Marine Corps also requires enrollment as a full-time student at an accredited, four-year college, with a GPA that remains at 2.0 or better. Only seniors or college graduates can become an officer and pilot. Candidates must also graduate from The Basic School for officer training, then pass flight school and the Navy/Marine Corps Aviation Selection Test Battery.


    • Applicants to any branch of the military first go to a Military Entry Processing Station for a vision and hearing test. The cycloplegic eye exam requires vision above 20/40 or the use of corrective lenses that provide 20/20 vision for at least six months. Candidates can also have corrective eye surgery performed to qualify as a pilot. The USMC Physical Fitness Test, which includes running, pull-ups and crunches, requires a minimum score of 225, according to the Twin Cities (Minnesota) Marine Officer Selection Team.


    • Once you pass all your tests, physicals, and training, you become an officer of the Marine Corps and a pilot. To fly jets, you sign an eight-year contract of active-duty. If you decide that you want to fly helicopters, however, your contract lasts only six years, notes the Delaware Marine Officer Selection Team website.

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