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Web design [] can be defined as the graphic use of web applications and web sites to represent content. Web design [] makes use of standards like HTML, PHP, XML, ASP, SSL, and CSS, yet is not limited to these alone.

A common misconception is that web development and web design are the same or, at least, related.. Development is much more technical than design in that it is mostly concerned with site dynamics, contraints and validations.

The web design process includes conception and collection of web pages, which are collectively represented in the form of a web site. The design holders and content of a web site are the web pages.

The web site design is mainly contingent upon the type of content. The web design should match up with the content offered by the site so that the target audience questions can be easily answered. Web site designing should be done in such a way that it renders the site almost maintain ace free. Well designed websites are user-friendly with an easily read interface and all the navigational concepts intact.

Getting traffic to a website is one thing, but keeping the traffic there depends on good web design. Representation of a website should be impressive at the first sight and this aesthetic look of the website should be consistent throughout. As a designer, you should keep in mind that the whole idea of web design caters around the presentation of the content posted on the web page. Therefore, the content must be consummate and completely accountable without any difficulties.

Below are a few suggestions to make web design easier:

  • Be ceratin the website looks good and is inviting.

  • A user-friendly website is a well-designed website.

  • The content must be a joy to read, informative and interesting.

  • Application of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) principles to your website is important.

  • As part of the web site domain efforts, you have to be sure that you select an appropriate domain name for your web site.

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