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After Lap Band Surgery - Recovery Time of Lap Band Surgery

You may be wondering what kind of life you'll be having after a Lap Band surgery.
The Lap-Band surgery is actually a new development in the medical field of Bariatrics.
Unlike other types of Bariatric surgery, it is non-invasive since it does not re-route any part of your digestive system.
It only makes use of a silicone constrictive band placed around the top of your stomach that limits its size, limiting one's food intake.
This system gives a feeling of fullness faster, making one eat lesser food thus effectively losing some of the excess weight.
During the first two weeks following the procedure, you won't be eating normal foods.
Instead, you will be subjected to an all-liquid diet during the first week then followed by pureed foods for at least two weeks.
After these diet phases, you will start working your way up from eating soft foods to normal and regular foods again.
You may want to avoid some known regular foods that may cause problems for Lap-Band patients.
Some of these normal foods include some breads, dried fruits, nuts and coconut, popcorn, fried foods, and pasta.
You will be eating smaller amounts of foods as compared to your diet before your surgery.
Even if this is the case, you are advised to eat very slowly, taking at least half an hour before finishing your meal.
As soon as you feel a sense of fullness, you are advised to stop eating because over-eating can cause discomfort and will eventually lead to gaining of weight.
After a Lap-Band surgery it is best to start a new healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet filled with foods which are highly nutritious, packed with vitamins and minerals.
You may also opt to consult a dietician in order to have proper guidance with your healthy mini-diet.
You should avoid high-fat and high-calorie foods to avoid unnecessary weight gain.
You won't be drinking liquids during meals but you can have them about an hour later after eating.
It is important however to drink liquids between meals to keep your digestive tract moving along.
You should also expect regular check-ups with your doctor.
Some adjustments in your Lap-Band may be performed during your check-ups.
These adjustments include either injection or retraction of the saline fluid into the port of your Lap-Band system.
This can be done in the X-ray department to clearly see the port or even in the doctor's office.

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