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The Well-Fitted Shoes in Ballroom Dancing

A combination of different movements being executed by a single or group of individuals accompanied by music can be the simplest definition of what a dance is.
However, dancing is more than just a movement or a stage performance.
It is already a part of the society from the primitive period up to the modern times.
Culturally, it is being widely performed in different areas across the globe during significant events such as ceremonies, rituals and celebrations.
It is useful not only to humans but as well as to animals because it serves as a form of communication among them.
There are different types of dances all over the world as the year progresses.
Gone are the days when ballet was the most popular type of dance, as the likes of street dance, ballroom dancing and Hip-Hop are the most common dances practiced today.
Among the different types of dances, ballroom is one of the most popular dances in different countries.
It is a type of social dance which is being performed by a pair of people, a male and a female, that can be so competitive.
It is very much popular not only as a part of entertainment in some occasion, but it is also being watch enjoyably via televisions, films and even on stage performances.
With the emergence of TV shows dedicated to ballroom dancing, no wonder the competition among dancers have always been so high.
Many young and adult people compete for the championship title in dance sport category like the show "Dancing with the Stars".
Ballroom dancing is generally divided into two main styles.
The first one is Smooth Style wherein the dance partner uses the entire dance floor during their performance.
This type of ballroom includes Waltz, Tango and Foxtrot.
The other type of ballroom dance is the Latin Style which includes Rumba, Cha-Cha, Swing, Disco and Samba.
In this type of dance, the dance partner is allowed to use only a spot in the dance floor.
These types of ballroom dance involve different set of movements or steps.
The Cha-Cha, for example, is based on a lively triple step; the tango is considered as a sensual type of dance; and Waltz requires elegant movement.
Ballroom dancing generally requires a piece of costume that adds attraction to the performance.
In order to compliment the costume, ballroom dancers use a pair of shoes in every performance.

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