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Amsterdam hotel rates - and how to score a lower price than listed.

Amsterdam and the Netherlands as a whole have a reputation for their pricey horeca - a frequently-used acronym for the hotel, restaurant and café sector - but I strive to represent accommodations of all price brackets here on Amsterdam Travel, from hostels to luxury hotels. Below is a description of the symbols I use to indicate hotel rates on Amsterdam Travel; rates are based on the price of a standard double room where applicable.

¢ : Under 100 euro

$ : Under 200 euro for a standard double room

$$ : Under 300 euro for a standard double room

$$$ : Under 400 for a standard double room

$$$$ : Over 400 for a standard double room

How to Undercut Listed Hotel Rates

But be sure to shop around before you book a hotel at its listed rate; there are often better deals to be found, not only online but even by telephone. Need some pointers on how to score a lower hotel rate? Check out About Travel for valuable tips on how to save on your next trip.

General Deal Advice

Best Resources for Hotel Deals

Specialized Discounts

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