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Essential Stamp Collecting Supplies

Whether you are just starting to collect or you are an avid stamp collector, you know that there are a few essential stamp collecting supplies no collector should do without.
Although stamp collecting is an inexpensive hobby for most, you will need to invest a small amount on these necessary supplies in order to collect properly.
Take a look at these items to help you get an idea of what you need before beginning a collection.
Albums Before you begin collecting stamps, it is important that you find a stamp album that works well for you.
You can get stock books that allow you to slip your stamps into tiny clear pockets.
These are typically what the professional sellers use because they do not damage the stamps in any way.
You can also purchase a stamp album where you actually mount the stamps to each page.
This can take a little more time but the stamps look great once they are mounted.
Corner Mounts When mounting your stamps, you will need an abundance of corner mounts.
Some professionals like to use corner hinges instead.
The choice is really up to each collector.
These items are very inexpensive and typically come in packs of 1000 that can be bought for under $3 per pack.
Tongs Tongs can be very important for stamp collecting.
Most tongs are used when someone is trying to soak the paper off the back of a stamp.
Tongs offer a more gentle touch than the human hand.
They can handle stamps without getting the stamps dirty and without harming the stamps.
You can get a great pair of tongs for less than $5 each.
They come in various sizes.
You can experiment to find out which size you like the best.
Books If you want to know more about collecting stamps, you should certainly consider purchasing a general stamp collecting book.
A great instructional book can be very informing and helpful to any collector.
You can find these books at bookstores as well as at hobby stores, trade shows, and online.
When it comes to purchasing stamp collecting supplies, there are several options on where to shop.
First, you can start by visiting your local hobby shops.
Hobby shops will likely carry at least one type of album, tongs, mounts, and possibly a book.
Shopping online is another great way to purchase supplies.
Be sure when you are shopping online that you understand the terms for each purchase.
Be aware of shipping costs and return policies before making a purchase.

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