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How to Play Any Video on an iPhone or iPod Touch

    • 1). Download Videora iPod Converter (linked below in the "Resources" section) for your operating system. Install the software. This program will convert any video file you want into an .mp4 file for iPhones or iPods.

    • 2
      Choose which kind of file you want to convert

      Depending what you want to put on your iPhone or iPod Touch, click either "DVD", "Video File", or "Online Video" under the "Convert" Section. I will convert a video file in this example.

    • 3

      After picking what type of file you want to convert, select "Convert new file" and then "Normal Mode".

    • 4). Then select which file you want to convert, select the output directory, and change the title (if you wish). The on-screen directions are very intuitive so don't feel afraid to follow them.

    • 5). Next, you can change the properties of the video, such as size, video quality, and audio quality. Click "Start Converting". The process may take a while especially for large files.

    • 6). Next you are going to want to open up iTunes and add the video you just converted into your library. Set iTunes to sync the file and you will be able to play any video on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

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