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Car Rental Procedures

    • Locate a rental car company in your area. Check in your local phone book or online for rental car companies. Most national rental car companies have websites where they list the available cares in the area. The website will also list the prices and give you an online quote depending on how many days you would like the car.

    • Choose the type of car you want. Car rental companies place their cars into categories such as compact, economy, mid-size, premium and SUV classes. Each company's categories vary slight. In general, however, economy cars are tiny but more affordable. The premium cars will typically be luxury vehicles. Some companies even have sports cars to rent, which will cost much more.

    • Make the reservation. Once you have chosen the class of car you would like, call to make a reservation or reserve online. Get quotes from several local companies as prices vary greatly between companies depending upon the day of the week, type of car and the location.

    • Go the rental company. Once you arrive at the rental company to pick up the car, the front desk agent will ask you for your driver's license as well as proof of insurance. A daily surcharge may apply if you are under the age of 25, depending upon the agency's policy. Your credit card information will be held as a deposit with a hold of around $200 placed on your credit card until the card is returned.

    • Decide if you would like the car rental company's optional insurance coverage. The agent will inspect the car with you first to note any damage prior to your rental. The agent will then strongly encourage you to take the insurance, saying that it will be less headache for you and cheaper than having to report an incident on your insurance. However, many people have rental car insurance already built into their own insurance policies, so taking additional insurance will be unnecessary and only add to the daily cost of your car rental. After you have signed a few forms, the agent will hand you the keys, and the car is yours for the determined rental period.

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