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How to Breed Kune Kune Pigs

  • 1). Take the female pig, known as a gilt, to the veterinarian for a full examination prior to breeding. She will require vaccinations and a worming to ensure her health and the future health of any piglets. The veterinarian should also examine the boar and administer any needed vaccinations or wormings.

  • 2). Feed the female pig and the boar a high quality diet prior to breeding. The female pig will also continue to require a high-quality diet during pregnancy and lactation. Use a pig feed that offers 16 percent protein, advises the British Kune Kune Pig Society. Make sure that the pigs have access to fresh grass and greens.

  • 3). Keep the boar and female pig separate until fully mature and ready to breed. A female pig comes into heat every 21 days if she is not bred. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations points out that her vulva will display swelling and may appear darker in color when she is ready to breed.

  • 4). Place the boar with the female pig to breed. The boar can also remain with the female pig until she gets close to delivering the piglets. Boars enjoy the company of female pigs and they usually reside happily together.

  • 5). House the female pig in an area that offers shelter from the environment. Line her pen with straw so she can burrow down into it and make a bed. A kune kune pig's gestation lasts 112 to 116 days. The female can give birth to 3 to 14 piglets, but most litters average 7 to 9 piglets, according to the Brambles website.

  • 6). Watch the female closely for signs of imminent labor. The National Hog Farmer states that she will appear restless approximately 16 to 24 hours before labor begins. An hour before active labor starts, she will usually lie down on her side. The Brambles website states that female kune kune pigs rarely have a problem giving birth, but you should be on hand at the time of labor to ensure that the mother does not accidentally step or lie on a piglet.

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