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Can You Tailor a Cardigan Sweater?

    By Hand

    • Flatten out the cardigan sweater that you want to tailor. Place the cardigan inside out. Try on the cardigan to get a feel for how you want to tailor it. Pinch off the extra fabric at the side seams underneath your arms. Insert dressmaker pins into the areas of fabric in which you want to tailor. Create a symmetrical line on each side of the cardigan using the dresser pins. Look for any gaps in the sweater. Lift your arms up to insure that the sweater fits comfortably in its soon to be fitted position. Place the sweater on a tailoring mannequin. If you do not have one, place the sweater on a flat surface. Sew the cardigan using the same color threading as the sweater using a sewing needle. Follow the line of dressmaker pins. Cut the extra fabric, leaving enough so the threading does not come out. Turn the sweater inside out and try it on.

    With a Machine

    • Turn the cardigan sweater inside out and place dresser pins in the areas of the sweater you want to remove. Try on the sweater to make sure the dresser pins are in the correct position. Baste the seams in place and, using the sewing machine, stitch over the basting.

    Scraps From Fabric

    • Use the leftover fabric from your tailored cardigan sweater to add a flower. Create small leaves underneath the flower. Fold up fabric to create a flower such as a rose. Hand sew both the leaves in place on the front of the sweater and the flower on top of the leaves.

    Reuse Old Cardigan

    • Find a new use for your old cardigan sweater. Tailor your sweater into a blanket, pillow cover or new-style cardigan. This helps the environment through the recycling of used clothes. For a blanket, you can gather multiple sweaters and cut the sweaters into the same size piece and sew the pieces together, or you can make a baby blanket using one cardigan.

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