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Grandparents" Rights - 10 Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer

Are you trying to gain grandparents rights for visitation of your grandchildren? There are things that you will want to consider in the process of obtaining your rights to visitation.
From what I have read their are no clear explanations as to what certain states say is in the best interest of the child.
When you start doing your research you will want to search out the laws in your state.
(If you and the child reside in the same state) Some states may consider your request a potential threat of interference in the parent-child relationship.
Again check out what your state has to say about this.
You will have to explain your situation to someone so be prepared to answer questions that are unique to you and your grandchild.
I have compiled a list of question that you may want to consider and be prepared to answer.
Have you been denied complete visitation of you grandchildren 2.
Do you know the proper venue to file in 3.
Was the child or children born out of wedlock 4.
Did you have a preexisting relationship with the child 5.
Do you reside in the same state as the child or children 6.
Has the child or children been abandoned 7.
Are the parent or parents incompetent 8.
Has the child or children resided with you and for how long 9.
What is the distance between you and your grandchildren 10.
Is there evidence of substance abuse by the parent or parents Time is of the essence in a situation where your grandchild has lost both parents or been removed from their custody because the information that I have read points to the fact that you could lose all rights to visitation of your grandchildren if an adoption of them takes place.
I would think that it would be in the best interest of the child to stay in the custody of family or grandparents.
Some states are passing laws that help keep children out of the state system by helping family members that want the children but can not financially provide for them.
There may be help in your state in the form of financial aide so be sure to contact your local agencies that can help point you in the right direction.
Your local social services would be a good place to start.
If you suspect that there is substance abuse and your grandchildren may be in danger please contact the proper authorities for the well being of the children.

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