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Free Premature Ejaculation Advice - Don"t Live With This Problem Any Longer

Although many males have been bothered by this condition, only a few are willing to stand up and seek medical consultation.
This cannot be helped since a lot of men fear being ridiculed especially if it is associated with their sexual performance, as it has become a standard for masculinity.
Premature ejaculation is a condition in which a man cannot last longer in sexual intercourse than he wants to.
Instead of paying for a counselor, here is a list of free premature ejaculation advice for you.
Become aware of your body signals.
You should become familiar to your sexual reactions.
Each may have individual variations but nevertheless, the phases all undergo the same thing.
You need to realize what you are feeling the moment you are going through the point of no return.
This will help you take the necessary measures needed to prolong your ejaculation.
No to drugs, caffeine and alcohol.
These substances alter your normal mental state and can eventually distract and impede with your self-awareness.
Arousal is not all about the genitals.
One must realize the asset of whole-body sensuality.
In this concept, one does not focus much on his penis for pleasure.
It should be felt from head to toe meaning that you should feel your sensuality from every inch of your body.
Relax and breathe deeply.
Breathing deeply allows more oxygen to enter your body and eventually into your brain, thus making your mind clear and your body more relaxed.
This will help you focus more on controlling your ejaculation.
Practice, practice, practice.
As the common cliché goes, practice makes perfect.
learn that every intimate moment is an opportunity.
In no time, you may be able to perform the way you really want it.

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