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2 Ways Of Starting Illinois Health Insurance The Right Way

Just filling out an application for health insurance in Illinois can be intimidating at times. Starting the application process and doing it correctly will give you the peace of mind that you deserve. This is one area that you really would rather not have to constantly worry about. Don't feel alone, everyone has questions concerning their insurance needs; after all, health is a top priority.

* Have you struggled in past filling out an application for health insurance?
* Have you wondered or asked yourself; what on earth are they asking for?
* Do you dread the idea of going through it again? (Don't lie, I know you do)

1) The State of Illinois is somewhat different than other states and there are a variety of different ways and technologies which can be used to get your applications started correctly. Because Illinois has so many large insurance carriers competing for your business the consumer has more options. One of the advantages in IL when applying for health insurance is online applications which are available. This is the way in which I prefer, and for several reasons. It's the fastest way to get your Illinois health insurance in place and for the most part it forces you to do it correctly. This is a huge advantage over filling out a paper application which takes a lot longer and you're more apt to make mistakes.

2) The other way of getting health insurance in Illinois started correctly is in filling out an actual paper application. The biggest problem about this is that you are usually filling it out yourself without help. If you are doing it yourself take your time and fill out the application to the best of your ability. Please do not rush through it as fast as you can. The consequences can be severe and cause hardship down the road. If you have any questions about what the carrier is asking for make sure to contact them or your agent to find out. This way is also the most time consuming.
Having the agent fill out the application over the phone is a risky way of getting health insurance in Illinois, and one way that I do not recommend. Unless it is done by web conferencing so you can watch the entire process. Sometimes health conditions fail to make it onto the application, thus, it is frowned upon in Illinois, but you'd be surprised how often it's still done. Not to mention that the agent could get into serious trouble if he or she were to digitally sign for the customer.

After receiving the application from the carrier, check it for accuracy, if anything is missing or inaccurate inform the health insurance company of the discrepancy immediately.

I highly recommend working together with an agent that specializes in health insurance. Getting your application for health insurance started the right way will benefit you down the road.

Think about it this way - Your reward is - No More Worries, No More Stress, and Mission Accomplished!

Randy Gillespie is the owner of Focus Insurance Group, get expert help from an agent specializing in Illinois Health Insurance.  To learn more visit his site at

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