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How do I Obtain a Visa at the Russian Embassy?

    • 1). Appy for a passport from the United States government. Apply or renew your passport using the Department of State website, or request an application from your local post office. If you already have a passport, verify that it is valid for at least six months after your return from Russia. Check that your passport has at least two blank pages on which the Russian visa can be affixed.

    • 2). Open and print a copy of the Russian tourist visa application form, which can be found on the Russian Embassy website. Fill out the application form using blue or black ink. Write in block, capital letters as legibly as possible. Read the application instructions carefully.

    • 3). Print a copy of your hotel reservation confirm to prove that you do have a place to stay while you are in Russia on vacation.

    • 4). Write a cover letter outlining your biographical information, reason for travel to Russia, details of where you will stay while in Russia and your planned itinerary. Include a copy of your trip itinerary if you booked through a legitimate travel agency.

    • 5). Obtain a money order for $140 (for a single entry visa) that is made out to "The Russian Embassy."

    • 6). Submit your application, payment, hotel confirmation and cover letter to the Russian Embassy in person. The Russian embassy does not accept visa applications by mail. Use a travel agent visa service if you are unable to deliver your application packet yourself.

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