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Wikileaks: Challenge for USA

Wikilieaks is the talk of the town.
Nearly all news channels are buzzing with the leak reports and it is difficult to ascertain truth.
No one has openly challenged the authenticity of the leaks.
It has set new trend in world politics.
The traditional norms of diplomacy are challenged and it is difficult to say confidently how much these leaks will affect future diplomacy.
Before latest leaks US State Department has warned that American soldiers lives can be threaten by these leaks.
It was the only concern shown by any state before the release.
Then came the release and they were like a tsunami.
They have swept everything and world is still in fix how to handle the situation.
US is facing a tough task of explaining things to other states.
Private opinions and talks are becoming subject of discussion.
This is where things are becoming dangerous.
These leaks have forced all states to reconsider their policies, specially with US.
Publicly no state is giving any importance to the leaks.
The leaks are coming and people are listening and watching them.
These leaks will show their effect after some time.
It is too early to predicate the exact course of action by different world powers but one thing is for sure that trust deficit is too high for US and other countries to bridge.
It will take awful lot of time and very serious actions on part of USA to rebuild the confidence of its partners.
Wikileaks can call their efforts as source of information but the tsunami they have produced will destroy lot of things including world peace.

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