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How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

    • 1). Ask your family and friends for referrals. The best way to find competent divorce lawyers is through family and friends. When asking if they recommend anyone, remember to ask if there is anyone they wouldn't recommend.

    • 2). Call the Bar Association. Most local Bar Associations offer a referral service. Not only can they point you to an attorney within your county, but they can tell you who specializes in divorce. Why is this important? Laws and trends are always changing, and a lawyer experience in business and contract law may not know the rules and regulations of a divorce proceeding.

    • 3). Call around and find a few attorneys who can meet with you. Most attorneys offer free consultations. Schedule your appointments. Make sure to write them down in your appointment book. If you are still living with your spouse, you may want to use a cell phone number or relative's phone number when leaving your name and number.

    • 4). Prepare a list of questions to ask. Think of the important questions you would like answers to when meeting with each attorney. Prepare your list and make a copy to take to every consultation. Ask the following questions: how long have you been in practice? What percentage of your practice is divorce law? What is your retainer fee and your hourly rate?

    • 5). Meet with each attorney. This is the time to go through your questions. You will also be able to get an idea at this point if you like the attorney, feel comfortable with her and trust her. Choosing the right attorney can make a huge difference in your divorce. Don't fret if things go badly after the divorce begins; you can almost always find a new attorney to take over.

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