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Ten Great Outdoor Games

Are you looking for outdoor games that your children will enjoy? In this article we list ten of the very best outdoor games.
They offer a wide variety in terms of sizes, prices and exercise levels.
Pick out those that you think that your kids will enjoy the most.
There's something on this list for every child! 1.
Flying a kite: A classic activity and one that remains a firm favourite.
Most children love to see a kite racing up into the sky.
Relatively cheap to buy, they're a great option for parents too.
Paddling pools: One sight that many of us associate with the summer months.
Splashing around in a pool is so refreshing! 3.
Trampolines: These seem to be appearing in so many gardens at the minute and it's not hard to see why.
Hours of fun for the whole family.
Football: The simple activities are so often the best.
Cheap to buy and increasingly popular with girls too.
Climbing frames: They bring out that sense of adventure, as children scramble up these great pieces of equipment.
More expensive than some alternatives but great if you can afford them.
Slides: Such a simple pleasure but one that many kids enjoy at the park.
There are also smaller versions available for your own home.
Table tennis: Particularly good for younger children, although it does require a fair bit of space.
Swings: As with slides, a playground favourite that is appearing in more and more gardens.
Bikes: Most of us enjoyed riding a bike as a child - they make great presents! As we all know, you never forget how to ride a bike once you learn how! 10.
Skateboards: Last but by no means least.
They gained popularity in the US and soon hit the streets of the UK - they've been enjoyed by many kids ever since!

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