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Definition of an Idler Arm


    • An idler arm is an assembly that supports the car steering linkage. The steering linkage is a mechanism comprised of levers and rods that connect to a car's front wheels.


    • An idler arm uses a pivoting rod located on a bracket. The bracket connects to the vehicle's frame on one side. The other side connects to a ball joint, or bearings used to connect steering control arms.


    • The idler arm is used to support the left side of the steering linkage. The right side is supported by a pitman arm, or arm attached to the center shaft of the car used to support the center link. The center link is a bar that connects the pitman arm to the idler arm, and attaches both arms to the car wheels. When the steering wheel is turned, the steering gear is set in motion, which turns the pitman arm. The pitman arm turns, and moves the idler arm into a parallel rotating motion, which allows the car wheels to turn.

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