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How to Build Huge Muscle Fast

    • 1). Plan your workouts to target the muscles that you want to build. Your plan should include a list of specific exercises you will perform as well as the amount of weight that you want to lift and the number of repetitions that you will perform. Having a plan is an important part of charting your progress, which will keep you from becoming discouraged.

    • 2). Stretch before and after lifting weights. Stretching before lifting weights helps to warm up the muscles and prevents injury. Stretching after lifting weights prevents muscle soreness.

    • 3). Lift your weights daily by focusing on a different muscle group each day. Focus just on your upper body one day and then switch to your lower body the next day. Then focus on your core muscles on the third day. According to the Mayo Clinic, you build muscle during the recovery period. By giving each muscle group two days to recover, you will build muscle faster.

    • 4). Lift using fewer repetitions. Doctor Edward R. Laskowski of the Mayo Clinic advocates working each muscle group with a single set of 12 repetitions. If you lift weights in this way, you should choose a weight size that is heavy enough that you can barely manage to lift the weight using good form on the final repetition.

    • 5). Watch yourself lift weights using a mirror to ensure that you are lifting using good form. Bad form during lifting can cause injury.

    • 6). Eat meals with protein to help build muscle. If you have little protein in your diet, you will actually lose muscle. Good sources of protein include lean meat, chicken, beans, milk, eggs and fish. Do not make more than 12 to 15 percent of your diet protein. Too much protein can damage your liver.

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