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Removing Cat Urine Odors

Once smelt, never forgotten!Removing cat urine odors is a problem faced by most cat owners at some point in their life.
As soon as you smell the distinctive, repugnant odor of cat urine you know you are in for a difficult time trying to get rid of the stench.
Get this wrong or use the wrong cat cleaning products and you could be faced with an extremely smelly home for weeks or even months.
Unfortunately for you, cats are attracted to cat urine and once your cat has found their new litter tray, they will keep returning to the same spot to mark their territory.
Therefore, it is imperative you clean it right the first time to remove the cat urine odor and prevent it from becoming a long term problem.
There are a few options available, some better than others.
One is a home remedy using baking soda, cornstarch and drops of essential oil.
This may help in the short term, but does not offer a permanent solution.
Another way to get rid of the smell is to place an onion over the affected area.
The onion absorbs the urine odor without leaving a strong onion smell.
Again, this might get rid of the cat urine odor, but does not clean the area and kitty will soon return to the same spot and the process begins again.
Fortunately, permanently removing cat urine odors is not difficult if you have the right tools and direction.
There is a process that attacks cat urine removal on three fronts.
It can get rid of the smell, provide a permanent cleaning solution so that your cat will not return to the same spot and also show you how to combat the underlying problem of stopping your cat using your home as a litter tray.

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