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Hemorrhoids in Children, Overview

Hemorrhoids in children are uncommon though they do occur and are a source of great concern to parents who are unsure of the causes and implications of hemorrhoids in their child.
What can be done for their child? Is this a chronic condition? Is my child in danger? Does it mean there is a more serious, underlying problem? Let's start at the beginning...
what are hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids in children are the same as they are in adults.
They are twisted, thick blood vessels (very similar to the varicose veins many adults have in their legs).
What causes them? Again, just as with adults, the underlying cause is an increase in abdominal pressure.
In children, as in adults, this increased pressure is most frequently caused by repeated episodes of constipation and its associated pushing and straining.
After a time of this going on, the vessels respond poorly and hemorrhoids develop.
What can be done for the child? We'll discuss that in depth in my free e-book, but the basic solution is again the same for children as for adults with hemorrhoids.
The bottom line for most kids is a simple answer (though not always so simple to implement) and this is to eliminate constipation and put an end to straining! Period! As to whether or not your child's hemorrhoids are to become a chronic condition, hopefully not.
Some children have a tendency toward constipation and this always increases the likelihood of developing or aggravating hemorrhoids.
But, even if it does go on longer than you had anticipated, there are many steps you can take to keep your child (and yourself) from getting into that ugly cycle of constipation leading to hemorrhoids; hemorrhoids (with pain and bleeding) leading to constipation (because of fear of pain with bowel movements); constipation leading to hemorrhoids and on and on.
The cycle can in fact be stopped.
It will take some work and frustration on your part because, depending upon the age of your child, he or she may not be willing to cooperate and the burden will be on you, the significant adult in the child's life.
Is your child in danger? Well, that depends mostly upon whether the hemorrhoids (constipation) can be gotten under control If it is not dealt with, the complications for children with out-of-control hemorrhoids are very similar to those of an adult with hemorrhoids.
Is there a serious, underlying problem? Probably not, but maybe.
Your child's doctor will do some basic testing to ensure that your child does not have a disease that is causing the constipation/hemorrhoids (Hirschsprung's Disease, thyroid disease, cystic fibrosis.
These are rare conditions for a child.
You don't need to worry that your child has any of these conditions as long as he/she has been seen by a physician.
The doctor will tell you whether you are dealing with something other than "normal" constipation/hemorrhoids.
) Do what you can to help your child overcome this problem with constipation and the danger of developing hemorrhoids.
Aside from the heartache that hemorrhoids would bring to you and your child, it's a quality of life issue.
When your child interrupts his play to move his bowels...
such a normal thing to do...
you don't want him crying in fear for the pain that this is going to cause him.
He's too precious for all that! You can help!

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