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Put Your Skills to the Test With a Chamrousse Skiing Holiday

If you're a skiing enthusiast, you are sure to find cheap ski holidays a fantastic way to combine your passion for the winter sport with a break abroad.
However, if you're keen to push your skills on the slopes forward you may want to consider going skiing in France and in particular the Chamrousse resort, which is located 30 km away from Grenoble.
Regardless of whether you're an extremely experienced skier or are only just getting to grips with the basics, you will find the numerous courses and runs at Chamrousse - which is at the end of the Belledonne mountains - gives you the opportunity to pick up new techniques.
There are 90 km of slopes here and depending on the ski passes you buy, you can go on some or all of the various courses.
If you're a novice to the sport you should be sure to spend some time at the resort's ski school before tackling the slopes.
A team of qualified instructors are on hand to guide you through the basics of the skiing and by going on a course of lessons you should be able to develop your skills enough that you can quickly carve your way down the beginners' pistes in no time.
However, if you've been skiing previously and simply need a refresher, you may just want to book a single lesson.
Perhaps your skiing skills have progressed beyond the basics and you're really looking to push yourself on the slopes.
If this is the case, you may want to head to the Aero Style School.
Here you can learn various freestyle skiing manoeuvres, including flips and how to slide on rails.
But if you're looking to follow in the footsteps of pro snowboarders like Shaun White, you may also want to head the Aero Style School, as it caters for boarders as well as skiers.
Keen to develop your skills in cross-country - or Nordic - skiing? Chamrousse has a 40.
8 km area dedicated to this particular sport, while qualified instructors are on hand to give you an introduction to the discipline.
As it differs from Alpine skiing in that the heel of your boot is not attached to your ski, you may find that you need a little bit of assistance as you pick up this pursuit.
No matter your level of experience or what discipline you are looking to try, a ski holiday to Chamrousse should allow you to push your skills so that you're hitting the slopes in style in no time.

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