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How to Get Perfect Abs and Get Rid of Belly Fat

The most common questions asked of fitness professionals are about the best six pack abs workouts.
People want to know how to get perfect abs, how to get rid of belly fat and what the best lower abdominal workout is.
There are many products advertised that promise instant six packs, but the reality is that there is no instant solution to your belly fat and flabby abdominal muscles; there is simply no quick fix method on how to get perfect abs.
The best six pack abs workout is actually a combined approach that works on your diet, mental attitude, fitness and muscle strength.
It takes commitment, a positive attitude and achievable goals.
To achieve your goal of six pack abs, you need to look at where you are starting from and where you want to finish.
You need a specific goal that is measurable, so you can see how you are progressing.
Your goal needs a time frame to keep you committed and interested.
It is vital to know exactly what you want to achieve and when you want to do it.
Now you have your firm goal, you must believe that you can do it.
Get your head right and choose a positive attitude every day.
Extra positive reinforcement in the way of inspirational sayings and pictures, progress photos, pictures of great abs etc will help you.
Any professional athlete will tell you how important it is to keep your head in the right space.
Your daily diet is next on the list - you need protein to build muscle, low GI carbs for energy to burn fat, lots of veggies to give you vital vitamins and minerals.
Include whole grains, beans and legumes for the important B group vitamins, protein and fiber, low fat dairy for calcium and vitamins and good fats for your essential fatty acids.
Each meal should be 20% protein and a range of colorful vegetables should take up half your dinner plate.
Regular snacks will prevent you feeling hungry; use protein foods by making fruit smoothies on low fat dairy or soy, and add nuts and yogurt.
Increase your fitness and burn extra calories and fat with daily cardio exercise, varying the activity to use all muscle groups.
Start slowly, if you are new to exercising, and build up distance and intensity gradually.
A good warm up and down, with stretches and flexibility, helps you avoid injury.
To increase fat burning, add several short bursts of intensity or speed into your cardio sessions.
To achieve your six pack, you need to do a variety of abdominal-specific exercise and core strength activities.
Lower abdominal workouts include leg raising exercises; upper abs need trunk raising moves; trunk twisting will strengthen the oblique abdominals.
You will need to increase the intensity of your abs workouts by adding weights or other resistance.
You don't need to be at the gym every day because you can do many abs exercises at home without any special equipment.
Do a 20 minute session each day of squats, V sits, bicycle legs, the plank and twisted crunches, varying the sequence of exercises.
Adding 2 or 3 weight sessions at the gym to work on your abs each week is how to get perfect abs.
Commit to this combination workout as the best six pack abs workout, and see the great results.

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