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What Is the Cloverfield Monster?


    • The creature's origin is unknown, although the fictional Tagruato Company created for the film incubated it under the sea. J.J. Abrams, the film's creator, has denied that the monster is from outer space.


    • According to Cloverpedia, the monster stands around 300 feet while walking on all fours. From head to toe, it measures around 1,200 feet and weighs 5,806 metric tons, or 12.8 million pounds. The creature's gray skin is able to withstand heavy arms fire, and its legs allow it to move quickly for a creature of such size.


    • Despite being reported to be over a thousand years old, the creature is still in an infantile state and exhibits characteristics as such, including being frightened, clumsy and unable to comprehend its surroundings.


    • As the creature stormed through New York, hundreds of parasites fell from its body. These parasites are not offspring of the creature but were attached to its body. Bites from these creatures cause dizziness and eventually lead to violent deaths.


    • The creature is able to consume food through its mouth as well as through two external esophagi located between its legs. These esophagi are used to consume food much smaller than the monster itself.

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