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Top 7 Common Symptoms of Genital Warts

Patients suffering from genital infections, especially the genital warts, usually tend to exhibit the common symptoms.
So, here are the top 7 common symptoms of Genital Warts: 1.
Red, Gray and Pink colored and cauliflower in shape lesions in your anal and genital area, which looks raised or flat.
Such bumps may grow in very large clusters and will expand into large numbers very rapidly.
Increase in dampness and moisture in the area, which is infected.
Increase in the excretion of vaginal fluid.
Bleeding and pain after and during the sexual intercourse.
This normally causes more pain to women since the warts in women can manifest inside the vagina and cervix of women.
On shaft of the penis, tiny papules will be generated.
Itching and discomfort in the areas, which are affected.
It is commonly confused for a simple rash.
A burning sensation in the anal and genital region.
Remember, the warts are normally painless in nature in most of the cases, but they may inflict extreme pain in severe cases.
If you feel that you are suffering from any of the the above stated symptoms of genital warts, you should immediately avoid any kind of sexual contact with your partner and consult a doctor.
Early detection of the disease and the treatment of these warts is the best way of dealing with the disease to avoid future risks to your health.
Just as in case of other health problems, the chances of succeeding in the treatment of such warts are high when the disease is addressed during its initial stages.
It is very important to know that the genital warts can only be cured by proper treatment.
However, HPV from your body will not be eliminated, since till date no cure has been found for it.
For a therapy plan, a doctor should be consulted to know the best one that may suit you.
A general advice given to the infected person by the doctor will be to undergo a treatment based on the person's medical history and on the location and size of the genital warts on the body of the patient.
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