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Women Kick Butt - Forty Percent of All Domestic Violence Attacks Are Against Males

Things have sure changed in the United States in the last hundred years.
Did you know that 40% of all the domestic violent attacks are caused by women against men, and not by men against women? It's true, and yet we know for a fact that in many male-dominated societies for some reason it is still accepted for men to use force over women, thankfully not in the United States However it is surprising considering that in the United States that 40% of domestic attacks are caused by females.
I guess this just proves that women kick-butt! And really, as more and more women become the breadwinner of the household due to economic situations and unemployment then perhaps this trend will continue.
If men become weaker in the relationship or in their marriage, and the women are more stressed due to needing to provide for the family, then perhaps we will see more women on men domestic violence attacks in the future.
At least that is what one psychologist claims in a research paper titled; "When Battered Women Use Violence: Husband Abuse or Self Defense," by Daniel G Saunders.
The author of this paper suggests that if a man is verbally abusive to a female, it is quite likely that at some point the woman may get tired of his nonsense, and beat him over the head.
Now if you are woman, you are probably laughing at that statement, but this is exactly what the author suggests and he might be onto something too.
Also, another psychologist suggests that women who were abused as girls by their father might be more apt to lash out at their good for nothing husbands who don't have a job, don't care to try to get one, and do nothing more than give the woman a hard time.
That makes sense as well.
Suffice it to say that spousal abuse is a two-way street, and with women having more self-confidence, becoming breadwinners, and thus the head of the household, I expect this trend to continue.
If you'd like to further discuss this please shoot me an e-mail, and please think on it.

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