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How to Change the Weights in an r7 Driver

    • 1). Determine how the weights should be configured on the driver by using the launch control system trajectory wheel. The wheel uses color coding and numbers to guide weight placement to promote draws, fades and other shots.

    • 2). Face the back of the driver and determine which weight should come out.

    • 3). Insert the weight removal tool into one of the weights. The tool is grooved to fit the center of each weight.

    • 4). Once the tool is in, turn it counterclockwise until the weight begins to move. There is a screw inside the weight, so the screw will move first, then the weight.

    • 5). Continue turning the tool counterclockwise until the weight is removed.

    • 6). Weight can be added by reversing the steps above --- insert the weight into the appropriate slot, insert the tool into the weight and turn clockwise until tight.

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