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Sony Xperia S Deals-the Perfect Rise Of The Japanese Mobile Maker

Sony has acquired its long-term partner Ericsson's shares in the joint venture for a massive amount. With this purchase, they can release better devices as they have more control over the production. One such handset that needs to be introduced is the Sony Xperia S. It is not like what we are used to see from the Sony Ericson joint venture.

In the past, handsets by this company comprised of amazing devices like the Arc S and Play. The Arc S was the slimmest Android-running handset & the Play was the first-ever PlayStation-certified device in the smartphone marketplace. In spite of the level of innovations these devices possessed, they were deficient in the processing power than the competition. These top-of-the line Sony Ericson smartphones sported single-core Central Processing Units while the competition was offering dual-core processors. For example, Samsung launched the Galaxy S2 & HTC unveiled the Sensation, which were released in the same year as these devices. These two smartphones were power-driven by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and were offering superior performance. Unfortunately, Sony Ericson's earlier models did not have what it took to appeal to consumers when it comes to the power. But, all this changed with the introduction of the Sony Xperia S.

The fresh Sony XPERIA S was just launched at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas back. As we expected, it went on to become to the show-stealer of the event. This smartphone sports a powerful dual-core processor under the hood, which ensures that it did not lack in terms of performance.

Another benefit it had over other smartphones in the market is the improved camera sensor. Majority of high-end phones arrive with 8 MP snappers. These smartphones consist of Galaxy S2, Apple iPhone 4S, and the HTC Sensation XE. Leaving them behind, the Xperia S flaunts a 12MP snapper recording videos at 1080p. This is full high definition quality.

Yet one more benefit is the smartphone's aesthetics. It is an eye-catching device to look at. It is slim, and comes with a seamless layout.

Since the Xperia phone is a high-end device, you would expect it to run Android Jelly beam, which also happens to be the latest version of Google's mobile OS. Unfortunately, it still works on the Android v2.3 (Gingerbread). The great news is that the Japanese manufacturer is preparing to launch the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for the handset soon.

Lately, the Mobile World Congress event flaunted several quad-core CPUs, like the HTC One X & the LG Optimus 4X HD. As handsets flaunting quad-core central processing units have now been uncovered, the Japanese mobile phone maker's fresh phones might have to catch up once again.

Now, we have informed you all about the Xperia S, you better decide if you want it or not. If you want to get this device, then head on to your favorite comparison portal. There you will definitely get sony xperia s deals in all three formats. Sony Xperia S deals are the best way to get this device at affordable rates.

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