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Being Aware Of The Signs And Symptoms Of Genital Warts

As genital warts are really painful and embarrassing, people try to identify the signs and symptoms of genital warts.
Unfortunately, you cannot predict earlier and be careful.
In some cases, it's safe sex that may prevent you catching the infection and in some other cases it could only be prevented through abstinence.
All of a sudden, one day you may feel embarrassed when you let your pants down.
Well, there could be itching there but it's not guaranteed that the itching will come as premonition of the warts.
Genital warts are not only found on or in or around the genitalia but also in the throat.
So, you understand that the virus may pass on through oral sex too.
That is why when you are going to have oral sex, both you and your partner should be aware of this fact as in such cases there's no way to have some method of having safe sex.
If both of you are responsible people, you will stop there even though you were on the verge of enjoying that action.
Of course, when you have already been infected, you may have itching, oozing some sort of discharge and swelling of the genital areas.
However, to be sure of the presence of the virus you may go for a pap smear.
Your doctor or gynecologist can help you in this regard.
Quick Remedies and Preventions You may be familiar with the tenacity of virus causing the genital warts.
The virus cannot be cured like the bacteria.
It stays inside the skin and even after treated for a long term, there's no guarantee that you won't get infected again.
Use of dry ice or laser is juts a temporary remedy.
Moreover, these warts are in fact one type of sexually transmitted disease.
That is why you may not catch it by using the same washroom, towel or toilet but having sex with somebody infected by the virus can easily give you the painful condition.
Even using a condom may not be enough as the virus may pass on through other areas.
Check Yourself Easy! You may ask if you can self inspect to find out the warts.
Yes, you can.
However, you may be in need of a magnifying glass and in some cases you may need the assistance of another person.
When you find it out that you've got the warts, you need to consult your doctor to get a proper treatment.

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