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The Meaning of Yin & Yang


    • The ancient symbol of yin and yang is a circle with two opposing swirls circling each other, one white (yang) and the other black (yin). Within these shapes is a dot of the opposite color, balancing out each.


    • In ancient Chinese teachings, yin and yang made up the universe, the circle of life, where the sky is yang and the earth is yin. To achieve harmony, there must be a balance between yin and yang.


    • Yin energy is female, dark, cold, water, night, space, rounded, nurturing and soft. Even personalities can be yin. Those who express themselves with thoughts more than action are said to possess yin personalities. Dark rooms are said to be too yin and need light/yang energy to balance them out.


    • The attributes of yang energy are male, light, warm, fire, day, time, sharp, movement and expansion. Yang personalities are concentrated, active and projecting. These types express themselves through actions.

    Balance in the Home

    • Rooms that are too energetic, loud, bright, all white, with lots of windows are said to be too yang. Dark, cold, enclosed rooms with little flow of energy are too yin. For a harmonious balance, bring light and life (plants, fish) to yin rooms. Yang rooms can be remedied by hanging curtains or drapes, painting the walls a more muted, soft color, and lowering the noise level (music, TV).

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