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How to Use a Senco Nail Gun

    • 1). Put on eye protection, and make sure the Senco nail gun is not connected to its compressed air supply and is pointed away from any people. Grasp the nail gun in one hand, and point it down towards the floor. Pull the feeder shoe back towards you into the locked position; the feeder shoe has a visible knob present on the left side of the gun facing outwards.

    • 2). Remove your finger from the nail gun trigger. Load a fresh strip of nails into the rear of the magazine by guiding the first nail into the open groove. Nails should face with the heads up. If loaded properly, the nails will only fit into the groove in the correct position. Push firmly to seat the nail strip.

    • 3). Press the feeder release button (part of the feeder shoe knob), and allow the feeder shoe to slide forward to its fully seated position. Keep the nail gun pointed towards the ground.

    • 4). Connect the air gun to the compressed air supply. Position the safety element (the metal guide adjacent to where the nail comes from when the nail gun is fired) against a piece of wood. Pull the nail gun trigger. If properly loaded, a nail will fire into the wood.

    • 5). Continue to keep the safety element firmly pressed against the wood, and squeeze the trigger every time you want to dispense a nail. Adjust the depth of the nail penetration as required, using the depth adjustment knob.

    • 6). Stop nailing when the nail strip is depleted, and reload a new strip into the gun using the same procedures. Use caution to avoid jamming the gun due to an improper loading technique.

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