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EODD PDF - What You"ll Find About the Diet

In 2004 Jon Benson created the EODD PDF--short for the Every Other Day Diet.
The principle behind the diet is to help anyone who has fallen off of a strict diet plan or anyone who doesn't have an hour or two a day to devote to going to the gym or doing vigorous workouts.
So why is it still as popular today as it is when it first came out? Simple--many people are finding the EODD PDF to be the only weight loss program they didn't quit and have reached their weight loss goals because of it.
Going against traditional weight loss programs, the EODD PDF doesn't encourage a strict diet plan where you cut your daily calorie level down everyday.
Instead you lose that unwanted weight by calorie SHIFTING not CUTTING.
An example of this found in the EODD PDF would be on one day try eating light and focusing on eating foods that are rich in protein.
Protein helps the body burn fat.
Now every other day to this you can eat whatever you want.
What happens when you do this is you confuse your metabolism to work harder at burning calories.
So on days you eat protein rich foods and eat lighter, your body still burns calories at the same pace as when you eat the foods you love like pizza, pasta, tacos, ice cream, and anything else! Along with a moderate exercise plan that is outlined in the EODD PDF, by following this calorie shifting diet, you will be well on your way to achieving your weight loss goals! No more starving yourself and sacrificing to a strict diet plan.
No more devoting countless hours at a crowded gym or vigorous workout routines.
Just follow the plan and the bonuses included and you will join the thousands of other success stories that finally found a diet plan that fits their lifestyle.
With so many holidays, celebrations, and get-togethers we all go to, it's nearly impossible to adhere to a strict diet.
Why not stick with a proven weight loss program that encourages you to eat your favorite foods to lose weight.

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