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Sick Betta Fish - Oh No, What Do I Do With My Sick Betta Fish?

Do you have a sick Betta fish? Not sure what to do? Don't fear just yet, there are things you need to know in order to help your sick Betta Fish.
There are a series of steps you need to take in order to heal your little fish.
The first thing you need to do is be prepared.
Betta fish are just like other pets, they can get sick even to the point of death, so as the owner it is your job to have an understanding of what diseases can affect them.
Being prepared with the right knowledge will help you when the time comes.
You need to ready to diagnose any problems with your sick Betta fish.
This means you should know some of the common diseases that can harm your Betta, what they do, what the symptoms are and finally how to treat them.
You also need to be prepared with the right medications.
Yes, your little guy can be helped by medicines even in the water.
For example, Ampicillin in droplet form added to your Betta's water can help cure a disease called Popeye.
The drug, though, isn't the only step in healing that condition, there are some other things you need to know in order to complete the cycle of care and prevent further problems.
Sick Bettas are as common as the common cold.
Many times us owners take for granted their natural "heartiness" and forget to do things like change the water, avoid cleaning chemicals when cleaning the bowl, feeding properly and so on.
Curing a sick Betta isn't that hard if you are prepared.

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