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What You Should Know When You Are Looking at a Garage Door Repair

When you realize that something is wrong with your garage door, your first thought may be, €How much will this cost us?€ That's a fair question because you rely so heavily on your garage door and all of its components. A qualified installer/repair technician should know to have all the parts he or she may need as to fix your garage door. He or she may also be trained in the skill of €up selling.€ Don't get upset when the technician recommends that you think about buying more parts than you need. The technician knows what he or she is doing.

Why the Technician Up sells
The technician assigned to your garage door trouble call should be a professional. These individuals should know what they are doing when they look at your garage door, the track, photocells and wall control. As they are working, they should be making notes of what is wrong. At the same time, he or she should be keeping track of the parts needed to fix your garage door.

When it's time to talk about what is wrong, the technician will show you a list of what he or she has come up with. You'll also see a list of the parts needed to make the repairs. Don't be surprised if you hear the technician suggest that you should buy more parts than you actually need right now. There's a good reason for that.

When Up selling is Unethical
You have a sense for when something is necessary. Your instincts often tell you when someone's not being honest. Do you know when a technician is acting unethically?

When your €no€ responses are being ignored and you feel extreme pressure to buy parts that have nothing to do with the immediate repair.

The technician leaves, claiming a full day's schedule, without telling you what is wrong with your garage door or its components. He or she needs to have sufficient time for each call so each customer, including you, can discuss what's wrong and what needs to be done to correct the problems.

Being Prepared for Every Garage Door Repair
A professional, ethical technician comes prepared for every garage door repair. This means that he or she will not only have the tools, supplies and parts needed to repair your garage door and components, but he or she will also have a price book. Why do you need to see that price book? Quite simply, so that you can see how much you're going to pay for each part.

Ask for sales literature. When you can see what you're thinking of buying, you're better informed. The technician should have supply on hand when you ask. In addition, technicians should know what parts the company has in stock so they can change out broken parts with the correct replacements.

Buying More Than You Need Now Could be Better
When the technician suggests replacing parts that still work at the same time as the broken part is replaced, there could be a good reason for this. Look at the springs, for instance. If the torsion spring snaps, additional pressure is placed on the other springs.

Your technician knows this. For this reason, he or she may suggest replacing all the springs so that your garage door will stay in good working order for a longer time period. The technician should be able to demonstrate the longer-term benefits of replacing more than just the torsion spring during the visit. The final decision is yours.

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