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How to Greet an Englishman

    • 1). Extend your hand just above waist height, palm turned slightly upward and shake hands when meeting someone you have not met before.

    • 2). Kiss each other on the cheek --- one side is sufficient --- if you are greeting someone you know but have not seen in a while.

    • 3). Greet the person verbally with "How do you do" and offer your name. This phrase is a formal greeting and not a question. A response beyond, "How do you do" with an introduction in return is not expected, nor is it appropriate.

    • 4). Ask the person, "How are you?" if you like; it is a nicety but not necessary. If someone asks you how you are, the appropriate response is, "I am well, thank you, and how are you?" You may exchange further pleasantries if you wish; however except for the most formal of greetings, it will seem odd and out of place.

    • 5). Introduce the members of your party by title or forename and surname.

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