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Transformers Games to Play Online

    Hasbro Website

    • Hasbro, the creator of the Transformers, has a variety of games available on its website that you can play featuring them. Games available on the site include Allspark combat, an animated robot builder, a puzzle game, racing game, and as well as many others. Most of the games on Hasboro's website are free to play and only require you to have Flash installed on your computer in order to play them.

    Transformers: Roll Out

    • Transformers: Roll Out is an action game which has you travel through a board collecting tokens similar to traditional games such as Super Mario Brothers or Sonic the Hedgehog. In the game, you are Optimus Prime and can choose to either be a robot, or a vehicle at any point. the game often requires you to switch between the two, since there are some points of the board that can only be accessed as a vehicle, while others require jumping as a traditional robot. Transformers: Roll Out is free to play.

    Capture The Cube

    • Capture the Cube is a Transformers-based video game on the Mountain Dew website. The game has you attempt to capture the cube which is the subject of the second Transformers film and unleash the Allspark. The game is free to play, you can save a game in progress and return to it later, and a leadboard is posted on the site with the current top scores.

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