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How to Make Cough Medicine with Lemon Juice

    • 1). Empty one pint of honey into a small pot and warm over low to medium-low heat. Do not allow the honey to boil.

    • 2). Place a whole lemon in a second pot and cover with water. Boil for two to three minutes.

    • 3). Remove the lemon and set aside to cool or run it under cold water until cool enough to handle.

    • 4). Use a knife to slice the lemon, rind included, into thin slices. Place the lemon slices in the warming honey, mixing with a spoon.

    • 5). Cook the honey and lemon together on low heat for an hour, ensuring that the mixture does not boil.

    • 6). Strain the lemon from the honey mixture with a strainer or cheesecloth, making certain that all lemon seeds and peel are removed.

    • 7). Let the mixture cool, then pour into a jar or bottle and cover with a tightly fitting. Your homemade cough remedy can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two months.

    • 8). To soothe a dry cough or sore throat, adults should take one tablespoon of the honey-lemon mixture as needed. For children weighing at least 25 pounds (and over two years of age), 1/2 teaspoon of the mixture may be taken as needed. Children weighing 50 pounds or more can be given one teaspoon. Do not give to children under two years of age.

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