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How do I Beef Up a Class C Motorhome Hitch?

    • 1). Inspect the ratings sticker on the tow hitch rail or contact the technical support team at the manufacturer to determine if it is adequate for the projected weight, stresses and distances. It should be made from heavy duty steel box section and continuously welded at every joint.

    • 2). Replace or augment the bolt assemblies holding the tow hitch rail to the Class C motorhome's chassis extensions. Use your angle grinder to cut fish-tail panels from heavy steel plate to transfer stresses over as large an area as is practicable. Use continuous welds, not tacks.

    • 3). Check the attachments between the chassis extensions and the Class C's chassis. If the attachments are simple butt welds intended to do little more than support the body of the motorhome, augment these attachments with fish-tail panels also.

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