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Fathers' Rights Organizations in Austin, Texas

    Fathers' Rights Organizations

    • Fathers' rights organizations were created to help protect the right of fathers to have healthy relationships with their children. Often many fathers feel that they are unfairly treated under the law when experiencing divorce or estrangement from their former spouses. Fathers' rights organizations are able to inform fathers of their rights and offer many other helpful services as well.

    Fathers For Equal Rights

    • Fathers for Equal Rights (FER) is the only fathers' rights organization with an office in Austin. Its mission is, "helping fathers, parents, grandparents and children achieve their goals." FER not only informs fathers of their rights, it also advocates for fathers in the general community by countering negative stereotypes of fathers, promoting healthy marriages and networking with other fathers' rights organizations around the country. They also provide access to DNA testing to establish paternity.

    National Fathers Resource Center

    • The National Fathers Resource Center (NFRC) has offices in Dallas and Fort Worth. It is a non-profit organization offering free membership or premium membership services. For a $50.00 annual fee, you have free and unlimited access to licensed attorneys who can answer any questions you might have regarding fathers' rights in Texas. Premium membership also gives you unlimited access to their online database with numerous articles and video clips regarding issues like parental alienation, courtroom demeanor and many others.

    Bailey & Galyen

    • Bailey and Galyen is a law firm that specializes in fathers' rights. They have offices in Dallas, Fort Worth and ten other locations across Texas. Aside from the standard aspects of family law like divorce, alimony and visitation rights, the firm also addresses pre-nuptial agreements, mediation and post-judgment modification. Bailey & Galyen employs staff fluent in Spanish and the firm can be contacted 24 hours a day.

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