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The Common Yeast Infection - How To Avoid The Embarrassment

Itchy, painful, uncomfortable, and embarrassing. That would describe a typical yeast infection. The yeast infection is a very common phenomena among men and women. Since it can be transmitted through sexual activity, it is something to definitely watch out for when sexually active.

Yeast infections don't actually have to be transmitted through sexual activity. It can be passed back and forth from one partner to another in that manner, but there are several other factors which can cause a yeast infection as well. If a person is taking antibiotics for another infection, it may cause the natural yeast in the body to grow and cause an infection. Another cause can be other medications taken which cause this to happen. Wearing clothing that is not breathable, in other words, blocks oxygen from passing through, is another cause for yeast infection symptoms to appear.

Yeast infection symptoms can be easily detected in most cases. For women, it may be an uncomfortable itchy feeling which can lead to a painful feeling if gone untreated. There can be an odor or yeast, as in the smell of rising bread, and a cottage-cheese-like discharge from the vagina. In men, it sometimes may be a little harder to identify the yeast infection symptoms. The head of the penis may be red and itchy. It may have small sores on it which could resemble that of genital herpes. It will also be very uncomfortable and itchy. It can get even more painful if left untreated.

There are several things known to help do away with yeast infections. Medications over-the-counter such as Fluconazole, can be applied to the infection and help alleviate the symptoms and make the infection go away. Wearing loose fitting clothing will also help with the growth of the yeast in the damp areas such as the vagina or penis. There are some other options in medications. You should consult a doctor about what would be best for you.

There is no particular age to get yeast infections. From being a baby to an adult, male or female, it is not prejudice. It can happen to anyone. It is a very common infection. If you feel you have a yeast infection, you should see your doctor and treat it as soon as possible. You should abstain from any sexual activity which may pass the infection on to someone else. Do not be alarmed if you find that you have yeast infection symptoms. It can be treated and prevented in the future.

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