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How to Replace the Control Arm Bush on a Toyota Hilux

    • 1). Shift the car into "park." Set the emergency brake. Jack up the corner of the car. Slide in a jackstand. Remove the wheel with your tire iron; place it to the side.

    • 2). Place the jack under the steering knuckle; support the knuckle with the jack stand. The control arm is U-shaped; the two arms connect to the Hilux's frame. The bottom part of the U is connected to the steering knuckle. Unbolt the two back-arms from the truck's frame. Lower the jack so that the arms are no longer blocked by the supporting flanges on the frame.

    • 3). Push the old bushings out of the arm's bolt-holes with a flathead screwdriver. If the bushings are stuck, hit the screwdriver with a rubber mallet. Do not hit the control arm itself. Cracks on a suspension-part might grow due to mechanical stresses.

    • 4). Push the new bushings into place on the control-arm bolt holes. Slide the bolts back into place on the control-arm bolt holes. Wrench them down flush. Remove the jack and bolt the wheel back on. Lower the truck off the jack stand.

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