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How to Install a Welded Wire Panel Onto a Post

    • 1). Measure the length of the welded wire panel. Mark out locations for posts to coincide with the lengths of the panels. For example, if the panels are 12 feet long, place a marker for a post every 12 feet along the planned fence line. Add additional post markers between the posts for supports.

    • 2). Dig postholes for each post that are one-third the height of the posts. Place the posts in the holes and tamp the soil around the posts while holding them plumb.

    • 3). Fasten the bracket completely around the post, with the wire of the fence panel fitting into a channel within the bracket. Fit the bolt--usually a 1/4-inch galvanized bolt--through the bracket and tighten with a wrench. Use a minimum of two brackets per post for fences up to 4 feet high and up to five brackets for panels up to 8 feet tall.

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